Network of Disclosure - Promotes Integrity, Security and Education between the Seller and the Buyer of any comic book

Comic Book School - An online educational resource for writers and artists

Complete list of Submission Guidlines for Comic Book Publishers

Buddy Scalera - Comic book writer & author of Comic Artist's Photo Reference and web marketing developer, guest

Wilson Ramos - Marvel Comics colorist, guest

Dennis Budd - Comic book and trading card artist, guest

Joe Caramagna - Comic book writer, inker, letterer, guest

Wild Pig Comics II - NJ based Comic Book Retailer

Comics Warehouse - NY based comic book retailer

Joker's Child - Fair Lawn, NJ based comic book retailer

Comics Buyer's Guide - Print magazine with a monthly price guide

The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art - Top comic artist school in New Jersey

Hawkeye Crouch

Convention Scene - Listings of cons all over the country

Montclair Art Museum - One of the most exciting and progressive museums in New Jersey

Ten Ton Studios - Home of Jason Baroody and W. Reilly Brown, guests

Tony DiGerolamo - NJ based comic writer, guest

Mile High Comics

Sherman's Room - A great webcomic by Chris Eliopoulos, guest

Banana Tail - Official home of Mark McKenna's children's book

Elisa Lau - Pinkimoon, guest

East Side Mags - NJ based comic book shop


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