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Since 1991 - The longest running comic book shows in New Jersey!

Welcome to the longest running comic book shows in NJ! Pug Productions started presenting monthly comic book conventions in November of 1991 and has not missed a month since. We typically run two shows a month in different locations, but have been known to run as many as three! We passed the 300 mark two years ago and we're still counting! Nobody in our area (and quite probably the entire country) even comes close! We currently run regular shows in Clifton and East Hanover, but have run shows in Paramus, Wayne, Montclair and Totowa as well. Always click on our "Special Events" section just in case

We have seen more ups and downs than you can imagine, but our primary goal is still a dedication to the simple concept that comic books should be fun! Sure, there's a speculator in every collector, but if you focus on buying what you like, your collection will be far more enjoyable than trying to second guess what the next hot thing will be!

That's one reason why we feature "no minimum bid" auctions at all our shows... buyers get bargains and really feel like they're part of the show (which they are-the biggest part really).

Infinity Gauntlet 1Past guests include:



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