Pug Productions Collaborates with ComicConnect on O'Neil Estate Auction

John Paul of Pug Productions is proud to be a collaborator and advisor to the official Denny O'Neil Estate Auction being curated and sold by Metropolis Comics and ComicConnect

 The complete announcement and experience page for the O'Neil Estate Auction is a major collector's event for 2021. John Paul and Pug Productions partnered with Vincent Zurzolo to ensure that the auction was treated with proper care and historical context.

"I'm incredibly proud to be part of this amazing team focused on the achievements of the late, great Denny O'Neil," says John Paul. "There are some unique and personal items in this auction that will appeal to collectors and historians."

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Showcase Items from O'Neil Estate Auction

Special thanks to the Hero Initiative for providing support and guidance during this historically significant auction.     


Do you have a collection to sell or just need an objective, experienced appraisal? Contact John Paul at pugprdctns@aol.com or 201-247-5091.




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